Saturday, February 03, 2007

How Did You Get Here?

Victoria Strauss over at Writer Beware's blog wrote about some of the interesting searches that brought people to the blog. That got me thinking about what searches might bring folk here and I went back through my SiteMeter data to discover these searches:
  • ancient time traveling technic - somebody from Malaysia
  • gay life toons (I have a couple of "gay zombie penguin" 'toons on my site from veinglory) - someone in Bangkok Thailand
  • scribbles and giggles tax id number - Houston, TX
  • pics of 1oo dollar bill stacks - this one knew how to cover their tracks, all info is "Unknown"
  • someone from LA went to Technorati's Barbara Bauer tag and visited here too.
  • White legs vides - someone whose ISP location is Quatar. I do have white legs. I haven't done a video of them yet. Perhaps I should?
  • Jeweled calculator - someone in Illinois. I did mention these items in a pre-Christmas post once so it makes sense.
  • I love this one: airstream decorated in christmas lights picture - from someone in Rhode Island. That took 'em to my Intense Christmas Sweater post. Poor dear.
Over the past year I've averaged about 650 visitors a month (that average got a big boost with the nearly 2k visitors I got in May '06 during the AW shutdown). I don't work at making each post something that will get a lot of search hits. I had no idea titling my blog NVNC ID VIDES, etc. (you'll need to scroll down the linked page to see the motto and translation) would bring any hits (except for Pratchett fans) at all. After all, I ended up blogging, in the first place, in rather a strange way.

My first blog at was just a lark. I wrote my first blog post in October of 2003. I knew other people with blogs, I like writing so I thought "what the heck?" I posted there infrequently and irregularly. I still post there now and then.

I got involved in a forum (the now defunct Soapbox at Wil Wheaton dot Net from which members created a subsequent iteration, and got to know a lot of fun people and many of them had Live Journals so I started a Live Journal to keep in touch with them and extend my ability to converse with them. Most of those posts are "friends only" and I'd need to put you on my friends list.

Then I joined Absolute Write. One of the members there had a blog here at Blogger. I wanted to comment but at the time the blog was set so only Blogger members could comment, so I started this one.

This is the blog I've actually kept up - there's a feed of this blog for LJ users if one of my friends wants to subscribe and read what I post here. I think it has a whopping 6 or 7 subscribers. I'd like to actually consolidate this blog at my domain - I just haven't taken the time to figure out how to do that and if it's worth doing.

As I write this I'm listening to the KQED broadcast of part of the "State of the Valley" speech by Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. I hope there's an archive of this soon, it's very worth listening to. One comment reported on by The Mercury News was: "But Schmidt also talked of the effect that so much finely tuned information might have on people's personal lives, asking the audience to consider what might happen to privacy in an always documented world and to consider an ever-evolving future."

What is/are my blog/s telling the world about me? One thing for sure: I'm seriously weird.

Found and enjoyed via Stumble recently:

Stuck, OMG!

642 Rare Error
- oops!


qplagh said...


In the rare error, shrouded is spelled wrong.

I need to pay more attention to this blog ;)

Happy New Year!!
(uh, a little late to that party, but hey...)

yclept qplagh

Dawno said...

It's all part of the plot...the government misspells words to find out who amongst us is smart enough to catch the errors and then they come