Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Needed a Pencil - I've Nearly Finished Cleaning My Office

Ever let things get a bit out of control? Well, "a bit" is a gross understatement for the situation in my office. I had a path to the desk. That's about it.

Over the holidays my office became the repository of shipping boxes from online purchases and shopping bags from the mall. Then stacks of mail started to pile up as I decided to "read later" what was mostly junk. The trash can (it was full of paper stuff - not icky trash) was overflowing (due in part to a huge layer of used Kleenex from my cold - ok, that's icky trash of a sort).

I wanted a pencil today. I knew there was one around here somewhere. So I started cleaning. I now have about 2/3 of the room tidied up - nowhere near "clean" but manageable. Things still need organizing, but at least I know where just about everything is.

Of course now I'm too tired to do what I wanted the pencil for, but since I unearthed about 20 books, I have plenty of reading material.

Between bouts of cleaning I wander around on Absolute Write and Making Light. On Making Light I read about Google Reader - how did I miss that? I use Google for everything it seems.

I'm now busily putting subscriptions to all the blogs I know into the reader. As I'm doing this the reader is showing me the feeds. I see on The Secret Government EGGO Project that the Superbowl is about to start. I had completely forgotten! Not that I'm interested in the football, I just like the ads. So every so often I wander out to the living room and watch the ads. Then I come back here once the game comes back on.

Remember all the ACME stuff on your favorite Warner Brother's cartoons? Here's The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products. Thanks, TNH's Particles!


Serge said...

I've Nearly Finished Cleaning My Office

'Nearly' is not good enough. Get back in there, you slacker, and when I come back in a couple of hours, I want the place to look spic 'n span.

poetinahat said...

I rue the day that pencils will be obsolete! The smell of pencil shavings reminds me of youth and the quest for, well, a really sharp pencil.

Love the Acme link too! But what -- no "instant tornado" pills! Don't tell me they were just a dream!

Serge said...

On the other hand, they do have dehydrated boulders.

Dawno said...

This morning I am so sore - comes from carrying loaded bins out to the patio and a bookcase my daughter left behind downstairs. I doubt if I'll be doing much more cleaining in here for a while.

As for pencils - I know what you mean poet, but I use a mechanical these days.

I vaguely recall the instant tornado pills - were they ACME or the product of a mad scientist? Or maybe a mad Coyote?