Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I have lots of books. What I don't have is enough bookshelves. These aren't practical, but they're interesting, clever, nifty.

Speaking of books, I haven't said much about Publish America lately. I owe my introduction to some of the most wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure to meet (both virtually and in person) to PublishAmerica. Not because they did anything wonderful for me, but because of the Atlanta Nights sting. When it came to light, I heard about it and followed a succession of links to Absolute Write where there is a wealth of information about Publish America and many ex-PA authors talking about how Publish America treated them, etc. I started hanging around Absolute Write as a result and now a couple years later, I'm still hanging around generally making a nuisance of myself. *grin*

Well, a while back I was asked to contribute a chapter to an Atlanta Nights-like manuscript. That book, Crack of Death, is now available for purchase at Lulu.com. You can buy a paperback copy or download it. You should also visit the website.

Finally, I am a published writer. Unfortunately it's deliberately bad writing. Problem is, I'm not sure my deliberately *good* stuff is all that much better! Well enough that I've made my little mark in history. That and my Purple Prose award may be my entire writing legacy.


Serge said...

Congrats on the Purple Prose Award. I think.

My wife the writer thinks that my purple prose is excellent. Meaning, it makes her sick to her stomach. She's jealous, I know that's what it is.

Pat~ said...

Ever read "The Stuffed Owl?" It's a collection of truly bad verse :-)--very entertaining!

Pat~ [from AW :-)]

P.S. You've been 'tagged'--you're it! Read my blog at myspace and answer the questions--we want to know! (Link is in AW as I don't know how to put it in here...)

rosemerry said...

oh I love the invisible shelves. I'm having the same problem as you with the books. I have three sets of shelves and still need more space. Or maybe just some reorganizing.

Good Luck with the books.