Friday, February 09, 2007

Gifts and Stuff

Are you thinking about gifts for your Valentine? My husband sent me the link - I nearly fell off my chair laughing about some of those.

And for folks who fondly reminisced about their Lite Brite toys (or, like me, never had one - and no, I don't mind, am not scarred for life by it) because of the whole Boston thing. Warning: That link is addictive.

I didn't post Wednesday night because I was preparing for a very important presentation and on Thursday night, I was recovering - it went very well, we got the go ahead on our project.

Tonight the ol' head is a bit full of cotton because I spent almost the entire day creating a learning guide for a new application folks at work will be using (I hope) soon. It was in PowerPoint with screenshots from the application. All that cropping and pasting and stuff is exhausting. I gave about a nanosecond of thought to adding a voiceover narrative and some animation. Then I said...well, something rather profane so I won't repeat it...and sent it off to the team that will be doing the actual training.

In commiseration with me about my PowerPoint loathing my friend the Digital Medievalist sent me this link. I am trying to figure out how to use "Great Pith!" in everyday conversation, now.

I will be heading off to bed now. Have a great weekend!


Joanne D. Kiggins said...

I was doomed when I clicked on the link. It's habit forming! My daughters had Light Brite when they were young. We spent hours pushing those pegs into the black paper making beautiful pictures to light up our evenings. :D

Serge said...

I know what my wife is giving me for Valentine's Day because she left it in plain sight on her desk. As for my gift to her... Since the old one is falling apart, she wants a new synonym finder. (Yes, she is a writer, and, yes, we've been married for over 20 years - how did you guess?)

Frank Baron said...

I ordered the Princess Leia wig and the bikini trimmer.

Thanks Dawno!

poetinahat said...

I haven't even GOTTEN to the gift link yet; I'm snortling (yes, snortling) over the Hamlet PowerPoint preso.

And you get extra karma cool points for mentioning Google Reader somewhere; I gleaned it, and I think it's going to make me a very effective blogpest.

Wring your hands now, O wondrous Dawno!

Great pith.