Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yes, I'm the Lady With the Grandkittles...Why Do You Ask?

I've recently come across two interesting posts. First, the posts, then we'll see where my train of thought is going.

Courtesy of my LJ Friend Alby we have for you today a link to Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure.

And from C|net (yes, again - they just have cool news, IMO) we have the "granny who likes her controller" article - by the way, that's a game console controller. She's known as "Old Grandma Hardcore" to the gamer world. Read the blog her son keeps about her. He is *so* proud. It's fun to read.

Perhaps because I've been spending hours working on learning about CSS and playing around with the template on my old blog, trying to create new banners in PaintShopProX and doing animation in my little animation program, all sandwiched inbetween the two grandkitties - one who likes to walk on my keyboard and the other who likes to sleep behind me on my chair - that I related to the above articles, if just a teensy bit.

If you want to check my progress, my original blog is called Dawno's Complete Catalogue of Ephemeral Thoughts and Personal Trivia (my daughter wanted me to call it "Drive By Booking" after a practice she and her friends invented having to do with driving by someone and throwing a book at them, and she thinks I'm weird). So far I've changed the colors on a bunch of stuff and added a banner graphic that I put together as well.

I've been animation crazy today. First I made this really nifty little animated AV today, but it's too big (over 300kb) to use it anywhere and the optimization program to make it smaller just makes it very ugly and still doesn't get it down to where it needs to be. Back to the drawing board. *sigh* Then I decided to do the new banner. The little 'favicon' up there by my URL? Made that too. (and yes, it's a Star Trek icon. )

OK, time to get the laundry finshed off.

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Andy said...

When playing with CSS I find the EditCSS plugin for Firefox very helpful, it let's you play with the CSS live and see what effect a change has on the page.
Of course you then need to check it with IE since some of the style sheet features have "features" where MS don't follow the spec. but it's still a huge time saver.

Dawno said...

What a wonderful bit of advice! Thank you, Andy. How's things on the cube farm these days? (and you thought I'd forgotten my new friend!)

Andy said...

We have a new toy in the office. It's not as impressive to look at as this toy that has been around for a few weeks but should keep me busy for a while.
Plus I think I've finally managed to get my desk in our new office as messy as the old one was so I'll have to update the pictures soon.

Dawno said...

Andy, I look forward to the new pictures. What's the new toy that's not a large blue vehicle with monster truck tires?

And when are you going to get somewhere to comment on your site so folks like me can say hi?? :-)

Andy said...

That large blue thing is technically known as a tractor, that is just about as large as they get.
The exact nature of the new toy is somewhat confidential, we are looking at new products and new markets. It's going to be at least a year before we go public on any of this, any new photos of the lab will need a little selective bluring to prevent unreleased things from being obvious.

There is a comments section on my web site, it's just not very user friendly or easy to see. There's a link to it on the thoughts page.
I only like to put things on my site if I know exactly how they work, that tends to rule out complex comment boards.
Plus I'm on the UF comment board ( most of the day, that takes enough time as it is.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

OMG a new place with a calendar included. I'm still fighting with HTML, don't know if I'll ever be advanced enough to use CSS. Heck, I'm still trying to figure out how to get the cocomment to work. :D

Andy said...

Comment boards are nasty to impliment from scratch, comcast may make some easy way avalible to their users.

A couple of notes: Selecting the back to homepage link on most of your pages results in two sets of the menu bar loading. You need to either set the target to _top or link to index1.html not index.html. Idealy you should try and do this with tables rather than frames, frames make sites harder to navigate and bookmark.
Also the javascript to disable the right mouse button is fairly pointless, it's trivial to overrule.

Feel free to email me if you need any HTML help (andy at the same address as my site).

And no I have no idea why I'm posting this here rather than emailing it to you...

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

I take it you're talking about my website and not my blog. Dang I thought frames with page links were good. I know everything links to the main page and separate pages can't be linked. Is that really a drawback? Maybe when I have some "real" time to revamp my website, I'll get in touch with you. Thanks.

Dawno--I finally got the cocomment feature to work on my blog. It was this nasty little thing called cookies that wouldn't allow the comments to be posted. ;) Once I allowed the cookies, it worked!

Dawno said...

Whoo Hoo Joanne! Both of us using coComment means there's some features on their website available to us - but I sure don't remember what they are! lol. Anyway, thanks for dropping by!