Monday, March 06, 2006

Yeah, It's a Meme - Forgive Me Mac!

Sorry, I know I shouldn't post this - but I kinda like it. It's my own creation, too.

The Oscars Meme! (this week's AW Monday Meme)

1. Which award was the biggest surprise to you?
2. Which award was exactly what you expected?
3. Which nominee do you feel got the award for some reason other than being the best in their category? Explain.
4. What scared you the most about Dolly Parton?
5. On a scale of one to ten, rate Jon Stewart's hosting.
6. Who would you like to see host next year's awards? Why?
7. Did the film montages seem like a ridiculous self-congratulatory waste of time to you? Why or why not? (gee, my feelings aren't obvious here, are they?)
8. Favorite gown?
9. Express your opinion of whether or not writers of western novels who write award winning screenplays should get to wear jeans to the ceremony.
10. Tom Hanks - what's with the long hair?
11. Who's hotter, George Clooney or Heath Ledger?
12. How come we love Aussie/Kiwi/Brit/Welsh/Irish/Scots actors so much?
13. Reese - blonde or brunette?,

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Mac said...

Heh--you're giving this way too much power, my friend.

I didn't actually watch the I can't play, anyway. :(

jen.nifer said...

I played! :) I hardly ever watch TV, but I won't move from the couch on Oscar night. Crazy.

Frank Baron said...

Not gonna do the meme since I already ruminated, Oscar-wise but I like some of your questions and will answer a few here.

4- Dolly's mouth scares me. It looks just like the Joker's.

5- I'd give Stewart a 6.5.

6- Billy Crystal should be the semi-permanent host. He knows the biz from the inside and can swing from satiric wiseass to clown in a heartbeat.

Cookie said...

George Clooney is a smug old man. I vote Clive Owen.

Like Mac, I didn't watch, either.

Dawno said...

The meme got picked up over on LJ - nemo-gravis (the LJ'er) said:

11. Who's hotter, George Clooney or Heath Ledger?
Seeing as fandom in general seems to be run by slashers, I'm going to have to say George Clooney boinking Heath Ledger.