Monday, March 06, 2006

Wherein Dawno Wants to Climb the Evolutionary Ladder

Thank you to those of you who commented in the last post - I did drop in a short reply in comments if you want to check.

I'm really tired of being a wriggly worm or a crunchy crustacean on the TTLB index. At one point I think I'd climbed up to slimy molluscs but I've sunk low again. Some of you folk that are linking to me just need to sign up so I can move up the evolutionary ladder and that's that.

What I'm even more annoyed about isn't my lack of an internal skeleton or sophisticated central nervous system, it's that all the A list blogs on TTLB and elsewhere are so damn serious and political. You'd think what the goverment was up to is the most important thing in life, if all you read were those blogs.

I like a nice rant about politics now and again, but frankly shouldn't there be some variety? Yes, TTLB's #5 is BoingBoing and that has variety - but it throws in a bit of political stuff as well, so it's not PURE, ah say, PURE entertainment. The whole top ten is punditry, Insta and otherwise. *sigh* I don't watch the Today Show, so I was entertained to learn that Katie Couric has a pair of 'smart glasses', but that was buried at the end of a post about that teacher who got recorded 'ranting' about Bush. I DON'T CARE! MAKE ME LAUGH, DAMNIT!

(By the way, I'm not linking to, or mentioning, the blog in which the 'smart glasses' statement is found. You can check out TTLB's #1 blog and you'll find the reference there. I ain't linking to blogs I can't recommend one reads and don't read myself.)

All this political talk is serious and seriousness is stressful - and stress causes heart disease, stroke and premature signs of aging like frownie wrinkles. I want to prevent frownie wrinkles and promote healthy laughing.

I say, let's promote more websites with cats and Roombas and cats dressed up like Roombas and vice versa! Hell, I want to dress up like a Roomba now.

I wonder if there is a social group for people who like to dress up like Roombas, like there is for people who like to dress up in animal costumes. Alternatively, maybe there's a support group for people who want to dress up like Roombas - one with a 12 step program. "Hi, I'm Dawno and I dress up like a Roomba Sage on weekends." "Hi Dawno!!"

I mean, didn't we all have a blast over the Weight Watchers Cards? Wasn't that better than reading blogs about who's going to control the ports of entry? I say let 'em all in and feed them from those cards - they'll head back from whence they came pretty dang quick if they're fed Marcy's "Enchilada" made with real Diet Velveeta on Rye Toast. Now, there's something - it was made with toast, so why didn't they call it a "Toastada" - that would have been clever as well as inedible.

What's the funniest book you've read? I think I need to go out and buy me some laughs.

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Frank Baron said...

One of the best and funniest books I've ever read is JP Donleavy's "The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B." You could pick almost any of his books though.

His books inspired me to write although I knew (and time has since confirmed) that I would never approach his brilliance, wit, style and mastery of the language.

Time for me to dig them out and re-read.

Tish G. said...

hey Dawn!

I had a great email exchange with a guy last week about the TTLB ecosystem--more affectionately referred to as the TTLB Ego-system. It's another blog-ranking thingy that I don't bother to pay attention to--because, in part, the most popular blogs, as you noticed are all political. The other thing about ranking is that the blogs that aren't political have been around forever( in blogyears anyway) there's no way to beat any of the ranking/rating systems out there. I'm learning to just do it and have fun. :-)

Dawno said...

Thanks Frank! IT goes on the list for the next trip to Borders.

Tish - Yeah, I don't care much about the rankings either. It just seemed to be a fun way to start a little rant. The most important metric to me is that I have a great list of friends to comment with out here on the long tail. Like you! :-)

Laurie said...

The Pop-Up Book of Phobias. Hands down the funniest book ever, especially if, like me, you have phobias. :D