Friday, March 03, 2006

Listening to the Mackerel in My Mind

I titled yesterday's post something about people not *getting* Dawno and then the mackerel in my mind had me meander around talking about everything but. So tonite I talk about that a bit. I'd talk more but frankly I can't remember for the life of me what I was thinking about last night. (See this post for more about my creeping senility)

Yes, I'm odd. I don't deny it or try to be something I'm not. Truly, what you see here and on AW is me. There are some things about my work and my family that I don't post...that's just because of the whole needing a paycheck thing and respect for other's privacy. The rest is pure Dawno.

At work I keep trying to get people to recognize the wonderful collaboration potentials of things like a project blog or wiki. They look at me as if I had grown a third eye. Excuse me, but do we work for a tech company? Sheesh. Then there's my sense of humor. Apparently very few of the people I work with read much fiction or genre literature. Do they just read stuff from O'Reilly? (and no, I don't mean that windbag Bill O'Reilly) It's frustrating. I suppose if I learned to tell jokes in C++ I'd be a big hit. And sarcasm? Apparently many IT folks are extremely literal minded. I have to waggle my eyebrows or make sure my tone is sufficiently sardonic.

Thank goodness two of my good buddies here understand me. One is British and was weaned on dry, dark humor. The other seems to doubt that there's much intelligent life on planet Earth... He's great for venting with when I'm fed up with people.

In other news, Making Light has posted about Roombas! Specifically about costumes for same. Hee hee. They apparently don't read my blog over there - that's ok. I know (and you do, too) that I got there first. :-) Oh, here's a nifty little movie about a day in the life of a Roomba. There's this one too. I promise my Rudy will never do that.

Yanno what's really scary (that's if you didn't find the monkey Roomba bad enough)? Clicking on the "next blog" button up there on the right. Gee, is there a lot of weirdness around here! I hit 3 blogs that are nonsense and apparently are set up to garner hits for keywords relating to gambling online. There were a number of, um, mature content sites. And some that just made no sense. Mostly because they were in foriegn languages...Strange stuff out there.

My daughter sent me a text earlier - she's got a job working mornings at her college in the cafeteria. I can't picture her in a hairnet. And she hated doing dishes. I'm proud of her for working though. Her father and I are happy to support her while she's in school, but she wants to do some of it herself. What a great kid.

Have a good weekend!

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AstonWest said...

I, too, have my doubts about intelligent life here on Earth...if car salesmen are any indication...