Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wherein Dawno Thinks About Getting a Bicycle

Still on a Katrina related posts hiatus. I did hear some very interesting stuff being discussed on the KQED produced "Forum" show this morning... maybe I'll write about it another day.

The SO bought a bike today. It's a really nice 15 speed bike. He is planning to take the commuter train and ride the bike from the station to his job. We were chatting via IM and I said that I guessed I should get a bike too, so we could ride together for recreation. He said he'd love to go bike riding with me. So, I start musing 'aloud' on the IM about what I want in a bike:
dawno: i want something green
dawno: with as few gears as possible
dawno: gears confuse me
dawno: and a nice padded seat
dawno: maybe sissy bars
dawno: and a bell
I had a 5 speed Huffy when I was a teenager. I rode it to the pool where I taught swimming in the summer. I have fond memories of that bike. Five gears was plenty, even when the last leg of my trip was straight up a pretty steep hill.

Shortly after I post the last message on the IM, the SO tells me my daughter is laughing "at the bell" what's so funny about that? Then she decides she wants me to bring home Taco Bell. The power of suggestion is amazing.

I'm going to really miss her when she moves out in November. I've been blessed with a rare gift - a daughter that I've gotten along with through her pre-teen and teenage years. We have never fought. We've had disagreements but we've been able to have rational discussions. And when all I can say is that I don't really have anything but my own fears and feelings to go on when I have to say no, she accepts that as a 'real' answer and we work things out from there.

Life is good.

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