Monday, September 05, 2005


If you have noticed that your position in the list of links to the right has changed I hope you will also note that now it goes from short to long. It was bugging me that it looked untidy so when I added the new link I re-arranged the others.


Thumper said...

I'm not #1?
:::cries, kicks at the floor, runs off:::


Dawno said...

If I just called you "T" we could do that...please don't send Max after me!


Mac said...

short to long? heh...isn't that a little, er, compulsive?

(says I, who just finally got around to arranging links alphabetically. And not even ALL of 'em, yet)

Dawno said...

Yeah, I have a teeny smidgen of OCD I think. I have an organization system in the office that folks find down right intimidating.