Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lordie, I've spent the last couple days reading progressively more liberal blogs. I have found a Democrat that I erroneously thought was a moderate conservative ( sorry ER!) that is saying a lot of things I can get behind. What I haven't found is one conservative blog (so far) that doesn't make me embarassed to be a Republican. I think there have been some commenters that *might* be conservative -- although I'm not too good at figuring that out as ER can attest(see comments).

I do wish, though, that there was less name calling going on in some of the comment threads I've scanned. I know, emotions are high. It's just that anyone who suggests there's enough blame to spread around is being thoroughly castigated for being a Bush sock puppet, and that's the nice stuff they're saying. I have provided links in prior posts that show I'm appalled at the federal foot dragging.

So, if the liberals out there want to coax me back into the fold (I left the party to vote for Reagan -- like many Dems of the day) they're going to have to stop lumping me in with Pat Robertson and calling me nasty names -- yes, I'm taking it personally -- because they're painting with a very, very broad brush out there and I'm feeling a bit offended. Hey folks, I'm not disagreeing with you! You want to see something different happen politically as a result of this tragedy? Don't drive us moderates away.


Tish G. said...

Hi dawno...

I'm a life-long fence-sitting moderate myself. I've seen the Loony Left take political correctness to the level of absurdity, just as I'm seeing the Rabid Right make Christianity into a religion of retribution and not one of compassion (which is truly offensive to all the theological study I've done)...I vascillate often about where I should be and more often than not I end up back on the left rather than the right because I refuse to throw out all that good theological education that tells me the right is wrong, wrong, wrong. Until they give up their bad theology, I can't endorse the right.

Dawno said...

Can't argue those points at all. I can only hope that someone steps up to the plate from either side that is a candidate worth voting for.

Erudite Redneck said...

Egad! I'm a Dem! A conservative Dem! (More conservative from 9/11 to Katrina; more liberal since; but a lifeling Dem).

But a Dem!

Correction! (Banging shoe on desktop). Correction!!!!


Thanks for stoppin' by. Come back anytime. :-)

--Erudite Redneck

Dawno said...

eek! sorry about that! I will fix that immediately.