Friday, September 02, 2005

Going to Barnes & Noble U!

Yep, Dawno becomes a virtual co-ed Sept. 6th. I got my books today. I'm taking the B&N Writing Romance with Gotham Writers' Workshop being taught by Leigh Michaels. I'm wondering if there's a virtual sorority I can pledge. And what's the school mascot? These are important things to know!

Oh, I did take the light rail to work today. 40 minutes and one transfer. Next time I know which train to take so I won't have to do the transfer, not that it's any big hassle. With gas at $3.00 a gal. the light rail is a good deal.

I'm not entirely comfortable with not having a car. I feel a bit 'stranded' even though we have a good intercampus shuttle system (we need one, there are 39 buildings along a very long stretch of road.) If I needed to get somewhere in an emergency the company would pay for my cab fare. Still, one gets used to the independence of it.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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