Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Thing #11: By Popular Demand...Faux'Gria

This is what I have sometimes when I'm stuck in a hotel room and am craving a Sangria and either there is no bar, the bar isn't open or the bartender goes "huh?" when you ask for Sangria. The hotel shop usually has all of these (at least the ones I stay in do).

One can Sprite (NOT diet, ick)

One individual size bottle (or if only option, can) orange juice

One individual size bottle of red wine (any red will do, I get the Merlot)

No Picture Available

Pour equal parts into a glass. Depending on size of glass you will probably have one or two more servings left over. Sometimes all you get in a hotel are those small plastic glasses, which hold even less. I try to stay in hotels with some kind of real glassware in the room or else keep one from the breakfast buffet...

If it sounds disgusting, just remember, it's still better than the tapwater.


Mac said...

Heh. It's probably more drinkable than some of the wine, too, frankly. *g*

Dawno said...

Yep, when you get cruddy wine at a bar I say order up a sprite w/OJ and make a Faux'Gria. If people are appalled, well they can buy you a decent glass of wine, then.