Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dawno is Not Pleased at All By PicturePeople.quebecblogue.com 's Plagiarism

Today I posted a little wrap up of my experience in Artist's Alley at Bay Con over in my beading blog.

Soon after I got a Google Alert that sent me to a post on a robbing SOB plagiarizing blog called "PicturePeople" that had the exact same title as my post but text that looked like my post had been run through Babelfish a couple times via French, Dutch and Italian then back to English (which, if you haven't done yet, is fun).

You can compare the two at my blog - the text from the stolen post seen on the robbing SOB plagiarist blog is found in its entirety at the bottom of my blog, so don't give the robbing SOB plagiarist any traffic...even though I've given you the link to the robbing SOB post stealing plagiarist's site.

However, feel free to let the world know about the robbing, stealing, plagiarist blog site called Picture People.

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