Monday, October 09, 2006

Flashback to September 1, 2006

Time to post some of those pictures of my trip to Georgia that I mentioned a bit back. Since I had forgotten my digital camera I bought a disposable at the airport on my trip there to pick up my daughter and her boyfriend. I wish I could remember what type/brand that camera was - it took excellent pictures for a disposable - had a zoom lens and pretty fast speed.

I'll start with the "Turning Blue" picture - that's the ceremony where the trainees get a blue cord that signifies they are part of the infantry.

After a benediction and some speeches and a couple of awards we were shown how to put the infantry cord on to our soldier's uniform. Here I am doing just that.

The next morning was the graduation ceremony. It started off with a lot of noise and smoke -

Off to the side of the field the company waited for their turn to join the show.

As the smoke cleared, trainees in their ghillies came running up from the far side of the field

They lined up and the composition and equipment of the squad was explained to us.

After that they "covered" each other as they pulled back into their Bradley and drove off

Finally the company marched on to the field.

This group was Matt's platoon.

Afterwards there was a lot of hugging and mugging for the camera.

That's it - We hung out with the kids until Saturday night, drove up to Atlanta for an early flight home on Sunday. He completed his jump school recently and is all Airborne ready and reports to duty next week.


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