Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Wouldn't Be Dawno's Blog Without a Rooma Post Now and Then, Would It?

Plucked From the Headlines: iRobot's Dirt Dog: Roomba gets a 'tude - Engadget

"This new $130 dog will be taking a bite out of some of your toughest cleaning chores starting on Friday, but you gotta make sure that it doesn't wander out of your workspace and into the rest of the house -- it probably won't pee on your couch, but those 1,000 RPM brushes will shred your shag carpets, scratch the hell out of your polished hardwood, and -- if you have a significant other -- get you confined to the garage for the rest of your natural life."

People name their Roombas (yeah, I'm guilty) and dress them up - something I've mentioned in other posts. Others have hooked up Roomba Cams (just do a Google search to see a number of sites. Several clips have been put up at YouTube). Engaget personifies it in their article as a "dog." Wonder what they think Scooba is...ah, here's the article from last December. A bit of a letdown, no personification at all.

I hope you know we're all being softened up for the eventual overthrow of humanity by the robot overlords...there's LEGO's Mindstorms("Build and Program Robots that Do What You Want!" ...until they become one with the Overmind and turn on us), BattleBots on TV. Even YouTube has clips of people who have turned their innocuous Roombas into fighting machines. These unwitting collaborators in the war against humanity need to be turned from their dangerous path!

I recommend we all go out and buy How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion by Daniel H. Wilson

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