Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dawno's Recommended Reading Offspring: Books: Liam Jackson

The people and places of Liam Jackson’s Offspring are recognizably from the here and now – and they aren’t sappy, two dimensional do-gooders who exist only to prevail against overdrawn, over-the-top, bad guys that one encounters in some books where the bad guys are supernatural beings. In this book, the bad guys are the Fallen Angels and their Leader has decided to turn up the intensity of his rebellion against God. On Earth, violent crime and an epidemic of child abductions are just two of the symptoms of this battle which is being fought in the human realm. Is it Armageddon? Perhaps book two or three of the trilogy will provide the answer.

There's nothing about the setting, or most of the characters, that isn't completely familiar - and this could be what makes Offspring so chilling, the story doesn't sound all that fictional after scanning the headlines in today's paper or watching CNN.

The good guys being drawn into the fight against these foes seem at first ill equipped and weak, a young boy, an ex-con, a police officer losing his grip on reality, an accountant. The story follows these characters as they are inexorably drawn to Abbotsville, Tennessee for a supernatural face-off. Watching them realize who they are in the eternal scheme of things and what they now face is a compelling adventure for the reader. I highly recommend this book – I couldn’t put it down.

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