Thursday, October 12, 2006

I May Have to Post This at "Cats In Sinks"

That's Jello, the grandkittie - she's been here before. My son and DIL (gulp) think her name is Kiki. Update: I've uploaded this pic to The Cats in Sinks site. Could be months before they post it according to their sidebar: "September 2006 We've just uploaded a couple more hundred images, but we've still got thousands to process... so if you've uploaded a picture, don't worry, we'll get there eventually."

She's about a year old now and still quite petite. She hisses at Yogurt and my husband. She's not much (yet) for petting or letting you carry her. Her most annoying habit is jumping on my lap - when I'm using the bathroom. And I don't mean to brush my hair... She digs in her little claws and stares at me like "ha! you can't get up can you! I'm going to leave little puncture wounds all over your thighs!"

We've also been having fun with the cats and our laser pointers. Yeah, we have them. I got a laser pointer pen from a vendor - pen/stylus option at one end, pointer at the other. Hubby has one from years ago when they first got popular. So we can send them after two red dots at once. Ah, the joys of geeky fun.

We have that faux wood flooring in our dining room and it's slippery, so when the cats chase the "bug" they slide a lot - we shouldn't laugh at them when they crash into the walls, should we? Oh, well.

Today is my blogiversary - I've been blogging for 3 years if you go back to my original blog at I'm celebrating by posting something in all my blogs today - and something different at each one.

I've signed up for NaNoWriMo and I'll be using my other blogger blog "Drive by Booking" as my NaNo blog. I'll get that kicked off tonight and post to my OhDawno blog as well, meaning I will have posts in 4 blogs - tonite is quantity not quality night for sure.
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D.T. Kelly said...

Welcome back, and happy Blogiversary (again. ) ;)

Cookie said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Sounds like Kiki's parents need to parent her a little more... and clip her toes. ;^)

Dawno said...

Thank you - blogging has been very good for me. I feel connected.

Kiki/Jello's parents are flying to Fayetteville, NC this Sunday and leaving her and her "brother" (I don't think they were really from the same litter) here with the hubby and me.

Getting the grandkitties back when they settle down in Fayetteville will be, hmm, problematic. The hubby doesn't want to give them up :-)

AstonWest said...

Kiki/Jello may be the long-lost sister of our cat, Miss Fritz. She has the same annoying habit of jumping on your lap while on the toilet, as well as laying in the sink.

She used to also lick water off the shower wall, but we've broken her of that habit by filling the second sink with a small amount of water, which she enjoys much more than the former.

Unfortunately, they look nothing alike, other than the mean disposition evident on the face and in the eyes.