Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dawno Ponders Food - Art - Discworld Fandom - Other Stuff

I'm a huge Discworld fan. Huge. Love it, love Pterry. Read each book as soon as it's available. Want to go to England so I can see the BBC TV movie production of Hogfather. (BTW, great cast - David Warner is Lord Downey of the Assassins Guild, Terry himself plays The Toymaker) Took a vacation day to sit in a local bookstore all day so I could be in the front row for Terry Pratchett's reading and signing of Thud! (You can go back to my original posts from last September, starting here, if you want to read the play by play).

But this mom baked a Discworld cake for her daughter's wedding. I realized when I clicked the link (thanks to TNH's Particles sidebar on Making Light) that I'm way, way, WAY down slope in terms of the Discworld fan hierarchy, looking up at the pinnacle of fandom.

By the way - isn't that simply a fabulous piece of art, no matter whether you know about or like Discworld or not - wow! The baker-mom is very, very talented.

Certainly a better looking comestible by a couple orders of magnitude than Fluffy Mackerel Pudding. Sorry. I often go back to that site when I need to laugh until I'm gasping for breath.

Oh, will I get back to posting more frequently, now? I hope so. Next week I'm on a business trip but I'll try to find time in the evenings. That reminds me, I missed my Blogger 'blogiversary' it was back in August. My first blog post ever, however, was on October 12, 2003 so wish me a happy blogiversary tomorrow, ok?


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