Monday, October 24, 2005

"write review and Get paid"

Whether you're interested in making some spare change or in reading reviews that will make you sit up and say "Huh?" is a place you should visit. Then go visit the three page thread on Absolute Write Water Cooler where someone from ReviewStream vehemently defends the site against all comers.

When you figure out who the consumer of the Review Stream reviews are, please let me know. Who's paying them so they can pay the reviewers? Is this some kind of internet Mr. Millionaire who just wants to throw money at people who need it badly enough (mostly for remedial English classes, I fear) to write for as little as fractions of a cent per word??

Yes. That was snarky. I'm sorry, but if you read about 20 of those reviews and don't feel just as snarky come back and tell me I'm full of it and I'll edit my post to be much nicer.

You can review anything and (they say) you'll get paid. They have posted on their site that the going rate for a review is $2.00, although there's a 'bulk rate' category, too. As an example I will provide an excerpt from Religion Reviews:

Beloved Reader, Do not be deceived by the Catholic system! Jesus Christ bring salvation to man through God’s grace and truth. There is no other mediator than the Lord Jesus Christ who sit at the right hand of the Most High God

Here's another excerpt from Airlines Reviews:

air train unlike other compenis that i was flaying is very secured the service is good and if you take a priviose order you get a low price.

Doesn't that make you want to go out and flay with air train?

Ain't the Internet an interesting place?


Tish G. said...

yep..dying to flay away...far far away :-)

Dawno said...

I had to avoid the much too painfully obvious things I could have said about compenis was very difficult however.

Mark Pettus said...

Compenis flaying? Painfully obvious?

You little monkey. Go spank yourself.

I think these guys are selling keyword reviews. Google "penis flaying" and see what you get. A diligent scientific researcher in search of serious information about flaying penises instead finds pop-up hell, complete with every possible of pay per hit advertising known to man.

Not that I ever use my computer for scientific research or anything... :O

Frank B. said...

I ain't gonna go there to read excerpts and you can't make me!


My brain hurts enough from reading the owner/editor's posts on that AW thread.

Aleks said...

These are the words by the people living around you, probably your neighbors. Unbelivable how the snobby one can be.

Dawno said...

Hi Aleks! I bet you're at AW. Welcome anyway.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Oh, Dawno! I'd been following that thread and trying to keep my nose clean. Thank goodness it was finally locked to stop the madness. ;)