Saturday, October 29, 2005

Thanks, Jill!

I got an email about Jill's new subscription feature via Feed Blitz. Went to the site and signed up for hers and got myself set up over here for the same feature. The subscription box is over there ------------------------> and up some ^

Please sign up if you would be interested in getting special Dawno Spam telling you I've updated my's the only Dawno Spam I'll ever send, promise.

I also liked the weather box on Jill's site. I like knowing it's 70+ degrees and sunny when the midwest is snowed in. Just kidding, Jill. I see it as one more way to connect personally with someone. I look at the weather in Cleveland and think "gee, Jill's got a pretty day going on". So I shamelessly copied and added one, too.

I've done some addtional template tweaking (and I'm probably not done for the day either), like updating my Publish America links (there were some links that didn't lead anywhere anymore) and added a couple new ones. And if you go to the verrrrrrrry bottom and click on the footer I've linked to the appropriate site.

Go ahead, I'll wait here... ...Hi, again! I see you found your way back.

According to my Site Meter, my site has an average of 19 unique hits per day. I'm really thrilled to think that somewhere around 19 people are looking at what I ramble on about - seriously, I figure there are maybe two people in Real Life that ever listen to me so 19 of you in the blogiverse is a major improvement on that.

There is also other neato stuff it tells me. For example, someone who posted in my comments down a post or two spent over ten minutes looking around one night. Their IP is located in Latvia. Dawno is global!

Today I'm being domestic. Need to seriously catch up on laundry. Does anyone know how the Downey Fabric Softener Ball works? I got to wondering. I'm guessing it has something to do with centrifugal or centripetal forces (not only can I not spell them without checking but I can't remember the difference without checking either).

I also have a WIP I'm working on (not the one I talked about in the post way down there somewhere - it needs some drawer time). I've taken two areas of writing that I've gotten some positive response to (giving advice and humor) and put together a little something as an exercise in humorous advice. Someone out there (you know who you are) is being a real saint and giving me some much needed feedback and encouragement. If anything exciting happens someday, you'll hear about it here first. Promise.


Joanne D. Kiggins said...

You've been busy! Your WIP sounds fascinating. You have what it takes in both areas of giving advice and humor. Good luck on your new project.

I signed up for the feedblitz from Jill’s blog as well. What a great feature. Thanks to you, I also have a site meter, so now I know how many people are visiting daily. All these gadgets are pretty cool.

Thanks for mentioning my margins. I changed them as soon as I received your comment. Looks much better now.

Jill said...

Hi Ladies - Yeah, that sitemeter thing is fun - but don't be fooled. For example, when folks who work at the Plain Dealer check my blog, it registers as Phoenix. I guess that's where their server is, not them.

Signing up for your guys' feeds.

Have a great day - and Dawno - man, that's great H-ween makeup you have on there!