Sunday, August 21, 2005

What do you call a conservative that listens to NPR?

The other day in some back and forth in the comments section of Macallister's blog she said "are you seriously asking me to believe you're both a conservative AND you listen to NPR?" While my response to that was brief and light hearted ("I want to keep people wondering"). It actually got me started thinking about what my real politics are.

The next morning I was listening to NPR and a gentleman was talking about Progressive politics. A Google search led me to a number of spots that were more left of center than I'm comfortable with. So I tried "progressive republican" and got a lot of historical stuff. Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, Wendell Wilkie...not what I was after. But one archived Dallas article from 2004 mentioned the Republican Main Street Partnership. I don't know much about them yet but at first glance things look promising. Limited government interference but socially conscious. They're currently promoting the Stem Cell research agenda. I think I can support their mission.

It's a relief to know there are others like me out there. I just wish they had a louder voice.


Christopher Trottier said...

Don't ask me why you should start censoring the radio stations you listen to just because you self-identify as a Conservative.

Dawno said...

Hi Christopher, thanks for the comment. Wouldn't you agree, though, that NPR is usually identified with liberal listeners? It certainly has been a topic of discussion because of Kenneth Tomlinson, longtime Republican Party activist,as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, who has been critical of NPR for it's alleged liberal programming bias.

Kira Connally said...

NPR has always equalled Liberal in my mind, kind of like Rush Limbaugh equals conservative.

It's all in the perception, I guess.

Dawno said...

iiieeee! Don't put me in the same boat with Rush! :-)

Welcome, Kira!

The only thoughtful all talk radio station I receive is KQED which hosts NPR shows throughout the day. Sometimes I find myself disagreeing with what I hear but not all the time. I think they do a pretty good job providing balanced reporting.

Unique said...

Well, Dawno -
Since there are only 3 of you out there (liberalconservatives; not to be confused with conservativeliberals) just how loud a voice do you expect there to be? :) just askin'

Dawno said...

Really? (she says excitedly) there are 3 of us?? I thought I was all alone! I detect a groundswell coming.

normaltrouble said...

I think blogger ate my comment. Or I didn't post it properly, my bad.
Clinton in his bio does mention liberal and moderate Republicans, and that they have sort of become history.
However, history is always repeated, and cycles around in a slightly different form, so I am sure there are people with your views out there!
Besides, conservatism has had its own cycles within the political "label", and "labels" often get redefined every other year. I am sure liberal/moderate Republicans will cycle around again, within 5-10 years, and become more popular.
I'd refer you to Sojourners as well. You may not agree with every viewpoint, but might find some of their articles etc. informative.