Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ph!shing, Sp@m and Gmail

I have a number of gmail accounts. I wanted to grab some username addresses for myself (not that I think 'beefalo.n.bunnyranch' was in danger, but it's mine darnit). With gmail you have to be invited to open an account so I invited my self over and over. I think I have a dozen accounts now. Oh, if you want gmail I have lots of invites - say about 50 per account...

There are 3 main accounts I use that have my name in them in one way or another and I forward all my mail to yet another account that I set up for my LiveJournal buddy's emails -- that reminds me, if you ever send me an email and shortly thereafter see something in your inbox from "ebil.librarian" that's me, I forgot to log out and reply from the account you actually mailed, so don't delete me as spam please.

Anyway -- have you noticed an influx of email purporting to be from eBay or PayPal about your account? Lordie. I have dozens of them. Now I do have a PayPal account and an eBay account. But the email address for them is not a gmail account, it's Yahoo, so I know all these are phony without even having to know something all technical about urls and headers and all that. I just forward them to the abuse team at gmail. Oh, btw, the spam filters and ph!shing warnings at gmail catch 98% of these so I'm very happy. I have to purposely go look at my spam folder to see this stuff. I go there every so often to make sure real email isn't accidently being sent there.

I truly enjoy how some of these emails start off "Dear Ebays" or "Dear PayPals". Sometimes the grammar and spelling is bad, other times it's pretty good. I can see how some of them could fool people.

Is spam a big problem for you? Comment spam was a problem in my other blog at ohdawno.org and I must have about 20 IPs blocked. For a while it was all about poker and online gambling, I think because I posted about my trip to Vegas.

OK, time to go, the SO has climbed into bed and covered his head with a pillow. I think it's his way of saying it's time for bed.


Jill said...

Dawno - What I want to know is if other Jewish people are getting spammed by "Senders" with stereotypical Jewish last names (Goldberg, Steinberg etc.), and Irish getting spammed by senders with "Mc" or "Mac" prefixes? Or does everybody get these ethnic batches?

I get a slew a couple of times a day in my "bulk" folder from the Jewish surnames. Crazy.

Dawno said...

That's a really good question. I have an Irish surname and I use it in my Yahoo address. If I recall correctly when last I actually looked at the bulk email instead of doing a wholesale delete I don't think I noticed any O' or Mac or Mc surnamed spam. Helen wanted me to come view her new video site and lots of folks thought I needed v!@gra...