Monday, August 22, 2005

Getting to Know Me

I was at the office tonight till 8:00 with the spreadsheets from hell. Those are when you have more than 500 rows and 10 columns. And none of the data makes sense. I've tried 3 different pivot tables. Oh well. I work at a large High Tech company that shall remain nameless. I do Vendor Management in the IT department. It's a good company that has a good product and also has social responsibility; it's a good corporate neighbor. I really like working for the company, it's just that sometimes I hate my job. *shrug* who doesn't feel that way from time to time?

I now have a blog on my own personal domain, a Live Journal and this. I also belong to several forums. One of them is "The Well" which I paid a good chunk of money to join back in April and after a couple weeks trying to figure it out I've not been back. I post most often in Absolute Write but I have two other forums that I go to more or less regularly. Each fulfills a different need.

You may wonder if I have a life since you're here getting to know me. The answer is not really. Aside from my kids who barely need me now at 17 and 19 years old and my work, there's my Significant Other, but that's it. The SO and I haven't got any common friends and my colleagues at work are just that, colleagues. I do a lot of reading, surfing the net, posting and commenting, and occasionally the SO and I will sit down to watch some shows we've TiVo'd*.

Am I unhappy with this? Actually no, at this time in my life and in this location (SF Bay Area) I'm ok with it for a bit. I'm hoping to move to Southern California (my daughter will be heading to San Diego in the fall) and once there I will start getting active in some of my favorite pursuits, namely music and theatre. I was once an amateur soloist and performer, I wouldn't mind getting back into that.

Hmm. I have 3 cats who are all elderly now (two are 16 and one is 14). I have been to the last 3 Star Trek conventions in Las Vegas.

I'm currently reading a bunch of books on writing, trying to catch up on back issues of Amazing, Analog and The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy (really good book reviews in that one). I also read StarTrek novelizations (except for Voyager and Enterprise). Outside of Science Fiction I am struggling to finish The Historian and am anxiously awaiting JD Robb's next book in the "In Death..." series.

Once I figure out the template stuff I think I'll be putting some things like what I'm reading now and what's up next. Of course I'll post a bunch of favorite links. Let me know if you want me to put yours up, too.

*Shows we are currently TiVo'ing:
Stargate SG1 and Atlantis
Battlestar Galactica
The 4400
The Dead Zone
Rescue Me

Shows we will TiVo when the Fall Season comes back on:

Show I wish hadn't been cancelled:
Dead Like Me


Mac said...

A-HAH! There you went. :) I've updated your link.

normaltrouble said...

Greetings and salutations, Tally Ho!

I love Dead Like Me. I am sad that you confirmed my suspicion it's been cancelled. Damn. It's one of the TV shows I am getting from Netflix, as I've no cable blah etc blah.