Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Isn't it Ironic?

OK, weigh in on this, oh vast readership. Have you ever noticed that in movies or TV anything that's supposed to be 'ironic' means that someone has to die to make that point? For years I opined that if nobody died it's just not irony. It was sort of funny to the SO maybe the first 3 or 4 times I brought it up. After that he just glared. Eventually I stopped bringing it up. I can be taught, it just takes patience.

I bring this up because I was just downstairs and the SO was sitting at his computer. His is downstairs, mine is upstairs - we often IM each other instead of 1) shouting or 2) getting off our lazy butts and walking over to where the other is. There *are* stairs involved after all.

The TV was on but muted. I looked over and see Jodie Foster in sweats and Scott Glenn. "Ah, that's Silence of the Lambs" and I say to my SO, "isn't it ironic that you have Silence of the Lambs on mute?" he gives me that look (tm) and says, "no, is it ironic that my name is Lamb and the movie is on in my living room?" me: "Of course not, that's coincidence." him: "So is the TV being on mute." me: "ppppppppfffffft"

Later we had a conversation about Flying Monster Spaghettism and I was able to forgive him for the whole irony thing.


normaltrouble said...

Howdy...just stopping by.

I have an X Files you should watch=
Hollywood A.D.

It makes kinda a funny here and there vis-a-vis Hollywoodian irony.

Uh, by the way, this is Qplagh.

Dawno said...

Hi QPFW! Read your comment on the last post as well. Thanks for dropping by. I don't remember that X-files episode, I might just have to start buying the DVDs :-)

normaltrouble said...

I think it was 6th or most likely, 7th season. There is also Jose Chung eppie , which is hilarious and 3rd or 4th season, and Millenium has a Jose Chung story also that has a send up of Scientology that is hilarious. All tha above refers to X Files...
Yeah, I will try to drop on by and comment...