Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday's Stream of Consciousness Post

This post is going to wander all over the place in a stream of consciousness sort of way. I beg your forgiveness.

Spent several hours today bringing my index of "Learn Writing With Uncle Jim" up to date and doing laundry. I seriously enjoy that thread; I seriously hate laundry. I also hate that I have so many 'dry clean only' items. Today I said f*** it and washed my silk knit sweater sets in Woolite. They seem no worse for the experience. I wonder if those labels are part of a Dry Cleaning conspiracy.

As a sidenote, having nothing to do with laundry but having somewhat to do with the Uncle Jim index, I believe my first encounter with Macallister on Absolute Write had to do with how to get the links right on that thread. She's compiled all the posts Uncle Jim has written into an "Undiluted" thread.

One of the more active 'students' on the Learn Writing thread has sent me their MS and I'm beta reading it, a duty I undertake with much seriousness and hope that I am helpful to this writer. I think I'm a groupie. I mean I lurk on the fringes and don't write seriously myself, so what else would you call me? I'm ok with it.

Also from AW, I was thrilled to hear about the Encyclopedia Britannica lawsuit against Publish America the other morning and to see so many posts about it throughout yesterday and today. I wonder how they'll try to spin the bad news to the faithful.

I'm getting bolder with leaving comments on blogs I enjoy. I put one on Making Light today. I've been leaving little thoughts other places, too. I particularly enjoyed my first visit to Tish G.'s blog Snarkaholic. Her post on August 25th was about conversations - a topic near and dear to my heart although it still hasn't finished baking in my head what I want to say about the subject. I left her a note in her comments.

I realized tonight that I'm coming up on a 2 year anniversary of sorts. I started posting on the Wil Wheaton dot Net Soapbox forum about 2 years ago. I don't know the exact date because Wil closed the forum last year and I didn't think to make a note of my "boxday" as we called it.

A core group including most of the moderators opened a successor forum with Wil's blessings and called it tehSoapbox. Although recently I've not been as regular a visitor as I once was (I've got 1,241 posts on that board) it still holds a special place for me. And I must say, I do miss being honored as the Empress of the Shiatzu Massage Chair Empire. That sillyness continued for months -- coming on the heels of my mother's death it was a much needed respite from reality. I discovered LiveJournal as a result of discovering that a number of the folks from tehBox had LiveJournals and kept a running conversation with one another there. I joined up and joined in there as well. Then earlier this year I found Absolute Write Water Cooler. There are a few folks who post on Soapbox that post on AW and also at least one who I've seen on Making Light comments as well. ::waves Hi to Xopher:: A diagram of all these connections would be fascinating.

The point of all that is to say that before that day two years ago I had no idea there were places on the web where you could have interesting, intelligent conversations and get acquainted with so many people. There is some kernel of commonality linking us one to another that in Real Life might very possibly have eluded us. We live in different cities, states, countries or we work in very different jobs or we were born into different cultures or we chose different lifestyles -- working mom, stay at home mom, creative job, technical job, person who volunteers, person who writes checks for charities as well as the whole gamut of the usual differences one would imagine. Yet there's something in what we say and how we say it which draws us together. All the rest is irrelevant.

Just curious, how many of you have conversations with ex Baptist centrist-conservative unmarried but with a long term partner of the opposite sex mother of teens StarTrek nerds (and that just barely begins to describe me)?

Thought so. :-) As I've said previously, this whole idea keeps gestating in my thoughts. I occasionally get pieces and parts of it thought out and if I don't write it down, I'll probably forget it.


Jill said...

Mornin' Dawno. I like your comments about how one forum led to another and another, and people with whom you might never otherwise have had conversations. (We met through AW.) I've met a few of the folks in person now and it's fun to make it go beyond virtual.

That said, however, it's amazing to me some of the folks that the boards tolerate. Guess that's what makes this a beautiful country though (even if those folks don't exactly pretty it up).

Tish G. said...

what a great post, dawno!

I was talking with my b/f yesterday about how socializing patterns change as we become adults, and it often gets hard to connect with others on a meaningful level. blogging strips away the superficials--like kids, cars, houses, significant others--and we can converse on so many topics that we might not be able to in a face to face venue. plus, after a certain age, we don't mix and mingle the way we used to. blogging gives us the chance to mix and mingle and talk. like little cocktail parties all over the's great.

keep writing... I'll be reading, that's for sure!


Dawno said...

Thanks, Jill. It is nice to meet OL folks in RL, I've had the opportunity to meet two of my Soapbox friends so far and hope to meet more some day as well as new AW friends.

Goodness, how true it is that sometimes there are people in forums you wonder why they keep coming back if they have such a low opinion of the other members of the board as well as the human race.

Why would someone keep posting if they disagreed with everything everyone says? I guess it could be a crusade or a love of the fight.

Dawno said...

Tish, thank you.

Yeah, what happened to that socializing stuff I did back in my 20s? My life wasn't "Friends" but I did get out more. Actually I know what happened to me and it involved moving from one town to another and not having the energy to develop a whole new social network. I was lucky to have the energy as a single mom when the kids were small to keep just a couple friendships.

I mentioned this on Mac's blog talking about 'culture', if you stay in one place long enough to put down roots in a neighborhood I think it's a whole different thing.

Thumper said...

Ack I keep forgetting AW exists...Ive never even posted there! I *need* a fun place to play... Other writers are fun, right? RIGHT?? ;)

Dawno said...

There's a lot of fun on AW. The "Take it Outside Board" and "Office Party" have the non-writing stuff.

I have a 'thread killer' thread going.

Jenna Glatzer said...

I vote that we start our own commune. I think my world would be a cooler place if the great AW people all lived in my neighborhood.

Dawno said...

Hi Jenna! How nice to see you come by!

Friends who don't know this already, Jenna is the gracious host of AW Water Cooler. She has got a wonderful virtual community going. It would be a very interesting commune, for sure!

Mac said...

Heh--I actually have a shortcut to AW on my desktop, I'm so addicted.

Dawno said...

I keep a browser tab open all day.

Also, I neglected to mention that as well as the forum Jenna has a writer's site with a lot of information, articles and she also sends out newsletters.