Saturday, June 23, 2012

My New Back Yard

I've been moving stuff from my beading workroom to the new house's converted garage studio over the past week. It's slow going because I can only cram so much stuff into the Mustang. On top of that, just getting it from the condo to the car is a hassle since there are two very inconvenient steps leading up to our door, which means I can't just put everything on my trolley inside the condo and roll it straight to the elevator. Nope, I have to haul everything down the inside stairs then take it all outside to the trolley. If the steps were just a little broader I could ease the trolley down, but they're just narrow enough that doesn't work. Oh, well.
Anyway, this morning I took a car load up to the house, unloaded and fed the kitties. Then I remembered I hadn't shared any shots of the back yard, so I grabbed a few on my iPad.

Here's the view of most of the back, that's a fountain and pond in the corner
A closer view of the pond and curved bench beside it
on the other side of the studio (converted garage) through some nice french doors is a little patio 
In the first picture (top left foreground) you can see a bit of this tree
I got a closeup of the flowers on it - maybe one of you knows what it is?

The little yard is really lovely and shady all day, quite cool to sit in even when it's very hot outside. Last weekend we had a little Father's Day/open house party out there and the temps were in the 80s but we were all cool and comfy in the shade.

I really can't wait to get all moved in, especially to set up my studio. It's going to be really wonderful to have such a great workspace (and there's a full bathroom in there, too!)

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