Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John Scalzi Stepped on My Toe!

I went to the local indie bookstore, Vromans, tonight to see John Scalzi and get a few of his books signed, including his new one Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas. Photographic evidence follows. Except for evidence of him stepping on my toe. The aisle I sat in was narrow and he was chatting with a friend sitting nearby. When he finished I didn't get my foot back quite fast enough and he stepped on the very tip of my shoe (I barely felt it). I'm just glad it didn't trip him!

Anyway, when he took the stage,  the first thing he did (saying that he had to get it over with) was sing the wonderful Redshirts theme, written by Jonathan Coulton, and self accompanied with a borrowed ukelele.

My dear husband joined me about an hour before the event and was on hand to take the pictures below with his iPhone.

John was fun and charming and the reading had some special "bonus material" that I am not allowed to talk about as John made us swear not to.

Side Note: There were a handful of folk, who like me, wore red shirts to the reading and one fellow had an official Redshirts tee-shirt (you'll see him behind me in line in one of the pictures). Unfortunately, mine didn't get here on time or I certainly would have worn it. I should have ordered it earlier than I did, as it was from Zazzle and they make 'em after you buy 'em so you need to remember to add the manufacturing time to the shipping time if you have a deadline you want to meet.

Captured just before John took the stage

Note the Coke Zero :-)

I thought this would be a tighter shot, so I leaned in,
but I'm glad it's wide enough to show the guy in the  "official"
Redshirts red shirt

John was so nice to pause and listen to me blather

And there I am with my signed copy!
BTW, I loved Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas - it is quirky and clever and a darn good read. If you want to buy it, why not click the link here so you'll go to my Amazon Affiliate link and I'll get a penny or two for your thoughtfulness :-)

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