Saturday, June 16, 2012

More New House Stuff

Made a couple trips to the new house today to get ready for a little family gathering tomorrow. Bought a portable Coleman propane grill so we can bbq, some lawn-chairs and also a few carloads of stuff to stash in the studio.  While I was there I took a couple pictures inside and out front. I'll try to get some good ones of the back tomorrow.

Front of the house

I have roses! (There are other bushes out back, too)
The previous owners tell me that one of the rose bushes out back was from the Huntington Garden. They have rose & other plant sales there every now and then. There are a lot of plants & trees out back, it's going to be interesting figuring out what to keep and what to pull. Besides the plants the back yard also features many feral/semi feral cats, young (maybe a year, maybe less, old) cats and a kitten. I'll try to get some pics of them, too.

Living room west wall

Living room east wall 
The living room is a pretty good size and I look forward to figuring out what I want to do with it. Our current living room furniture is very den-worthy and will be put in my husband's 'man cave'. 

Dining room - window to the front yard (east)
 The house very obviously used to have a side entry. I like how they turned that into a niche with the narrow windows beside. Not crazy about the chandelier but it'll be fine until I decide on what kind of look I'm going for in here.
Roomy kitchen with granite counters
(finally have an icemaker/water dispensing refrigerator, too!)

Above the stove is a vintage fan & hood - the fan is noisy but I think easily fixed. Range is a bit dated and there's no microwave, so we'll need to get a countertop one. There are so many possibilites! Floor is travertine tiles (I think). I love the green in the granite, I'll probably decorate in the kitchen around that color scheme.

I'm beat, gonna rest now.

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