Saturday, July 01, 2006

Scratching My Head About Websites and Blogs, AW Down Again, Happy Canada Day!

So over in the comments to my post before last, laurie said:

Um, just one comment for informational purposes - if you wanted to, you could combine one or more of your blogs. Fahim's Blog program can download blog entries and incorporate them into one database on your computer, whereupon you can then republish to another blog. If that makes sense to you? It's all actually mostly painless.

Anyway, not saying you have to or even should. Just giving you one possible alternative if you were scratching your head. :)

laurie, I'm always scratching my head when it comes to the stuff I want to do in here ("in here" being on my computer, with the internet, etc.)

I want all the cool features of blogger with all the control of my own domain. Is that really asking too much? Sheesh ;-)

I guess what I need to do is get a nice editor program, set it up and just publish pages directly via my Secure FX onto my site. I just don't want to lose folk who come here now and then.

I was going to post a Happy Canada Day on AW but at midnight when I hit "submit new thread" AW was down - as it still is last time I checked. I hope this is a short term glitch that will be resolved. The Refugee Camp is still available if you need your fix.

So, if I can't post it on AW, I'll post it here - To all my dear Canadian friends - Happy Canada Day!

Take the Canada Geography Knowledge Quiz!

Play the Canada Challenge Quiz!

Admire the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (there are trading cards at that link with pictures of some of the Mounties)

Understand the Great Canadian sport of Curling

For the Americans here, have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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Laurie said...

[blockquote]I want all the cool features of blogger with all the control of my own domain. Is that really asking too much? Sheesh ;-)[/blockquote]Um, no, not really. :)

With the blogging programs I'm familiar with that you install to your own domain, such as WordPress or Movable Type, there are plugins/extensions which you can install that add functionality. It's like FireFox in that regard - you go searching through the list, find the plugins you like, and install just those, and ignore the rest.

And actually, we're looking at migrating from WordPress to Movable Type... Fahim says MT is better with more functionality, so if you have more questions, email him. :)

Frank Baron said...

Thanks Dawno. Hope you had a super 4th. :)