Monday, July 03, 2006

All Set for Family Day at Ft. Benning, GA

I have made my reservations and am set to go visit my son on "Family Day" at the end of July. I'm very excited about it - and a bit nervous. How has he changed? Will he be disappointed if it's only me who can come? He graduates on Sept. 1 and I will be bringing out everyone who can come with me that he's asked for, so I hope he'll be understanding.

There's an undercurrent of pride and maturity in his last letter to me. I believe this was a good decision for him based on what he's saying. I just wish the world was a better, safer place to be a soldier.

He asked me to write more often. I will definitely do that. He also said he'd been told his assignment will be with the 82nd Airborne (I thought he was going with the 101st but I misunderstood) which is stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. That's not too far from one of my company's locations, Research Triangle Park near Raleigh, North Carolina. If I have a business trip out there you can bet I'll be taking an extra day or so to see my boy.

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Jean Marie said...

I wish it was a safer world for him, too.

He'll be too thrilled to see you to be disappointed if you're the only who can be there.

Jen said...

I don't think he'll be disappointed that you'll be the only one. I think he'll be tickled pink, and trying like all get-out not to show it. *s*

I have an aunt who was married to an AF officer stationed at Ft. Bragg for a while. We went out to visit them one time. I remember it as a neat place, but time and being 12+ years younger might play a factor in that. *s*

Thumper said...

Awesome that you get to go to his graduation. Back when the Spouse Thingy went into the service, graduation ceremonies were just another thing to get through--no families invited. And I was right there in the same town!