Sunday, July 09, 2006

The World's Most Dangerous Improv Game - Video Clip

Are you a fan of Who's Line is it Anyway? - either the Beeb's or the US version, both of which I adore.

The World's Most Dangerous Improv Game from VideoSift

You have to watch it all the way through - there's a bit at the end that's priceless and worth the wait.

And of course, since I went to the BBCAmerica site to get the link, I found myself wandering around and came across a BBC America Dictionary. Now when I'm watching a show I can look up all those words I had no idea what they meant! Whoo Hoo! Plus you can look up insulting words or body parts words just for the heck of it.


D. T. Kelly said...


"You got me in the cucumber!"

Andy said...

Minor nitpick. It was Channel 4 not the BBC in the UK.

Andy said...

Plus while I'm at it a rather longer list of british words than the BBC site: