Monday, October 06, 2008

Hundreds of Penguins Returned to Ocean

More than a thousand juvenile Patagonian penguins have washed up on the northern shores of Brazil this year for reasons scientists have yet to comprehend fully. Over the weekend, hundreds of the stranded birds were airlifted to the southernmost tip of the country and released into the South Atlantic Ocean, close to their native territory. How exactly do you get that many penguins on a plane?

For the answer to that question read the article in Slate. For a heartwarming video of the penguins' return to the sea watch this:


Rachel Burton said...

Hey - wandered over from AW. What a great story. I'm a sucker for penguins. I saw some on the coast of Peru once; I had no idea they got that far north!

Dawno said...

I don't think they meant to - something very unusual happened for all those juvenile penguins to have washed up there - and per the article many were dead, many were sick and died, the ones who made it to the release were a small fraction of the total. But adorable, huh?

Pink Ink said...

My youngest is a penguin lover. I'll have to show this to her later today :-)