Saturday, October 04, 2008

Madly Waiting for Mad Men Episodes

Why does it take so long for an episode of Mad Men to show up on iTunes? I keep checking back and I swear it's been a month since a new one showed up. Probably not, since iTunes appears to be only two episodes behind the broadcast schedule. I really enjoy the show and do look forward to the new episodes.

I spent the day doing photography of my jewelry for my Etsy store, listening to the KQED live stream on my laptop upstairs, coming downstairs with the memory card from the camera, putting it into my laptop downstairs (which also had the live stream going, but oddly a few minutes delayed from the upstairs one) and editing and uploading my photograps for the new listings. I got through nine today. I have so many more to do, too.

Also had a pleasant time tweeting with several folk...topics were carnival food (fried, mostly), figuring out how to use a phone to do tweets and succeeding and miscellaneous chatter. I have come to appreciate Twitter for those little chats.

Well, back to work on my necklace - if you want to see and read about it, please visit my beading blog.

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