Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My elbows are a wreck. I have a leather upholstered office chair at my computer desk that is wonderfully comfortable but the armrests are plain plastic with a pebbly texture. I rest my elbows on them, apparently way too much. My elbows are very dry and cracked - they feel like sandpaper, actually. So I decided today to do something about it. Not sure if it'll work. I've cut the tops off of some long athletic tubesocks, put Nivea cream on my elbows and put the sock pieces over the elbows to keep the cream from rubbing off. If the Nivea doesn't work, I'll try Eucerin next and probably go with something with a heavy lanolin concentration after that.

If you've successfully fought off sandpaper elbows, I'd love to know your secret.

The temps here are going up fast - it was in the low 70s yesterday and hit 80 today. Tomorrow's prediction is for 92. There's no airconditioning here, so we keep a window fan in the front room and that helps some. We shaved Pudding just in time - he's a long hair, you may recall from previous posts about him, and when it gets hot he gets pretty miserable. I caught him sitting directly in front of the fan today, so I think he's grateful.

I'm about half-way through The Cleaner, the book I bought from the author, Brett Battles, and had signed at the LA Book Fair a couple weekends ago. It's been a very good read. If you like clandestine ops thrillers you should give this one a try.

Bought some new iPod tunes today - decided to get a couple things on my "recommended" list, Peter Gabriel's So album and some early Sting (i.e., a Police album). Some of the recommendations were a tad off the mark - just because I bought James Darren doesn't mean I want Jack Jones, but I get why they thought I might. My Dawno's playlist is getting to be pretty good listening while beading. I hope Matt's new iPod got to him ok.

I'm looking forward to Bay Con on Memorial Day weekend - I wrote about my considering getting table space in Artist's Alley in my Beading Blog, so I won't repeat myself here. Whether I do or not, I will still go to the con.

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