Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dawno is Annoyed

MyBlogLog - joined in 2005 - was probably an early adopter. Even paid them to be a premium member. They got bought by Yahoo. Good for the BlogLog guys who probably retired at 30 as millionaires. You know, when I had problems back in '05 or '06 with MyBlogLog and wrote them, I got emails from real people? Well, don't expect that now that Yahoo owns it.

You need a damn "YahooID" to sign in. I gave up using Yahoo for email when Gmail came along. The Yahoo email was all spam. Anyway, when I sign in with the Yahoo ID, I'm asked to "migrate" my BlogLog stuff, so I do what I'm told, and it says I've already migrated. Ok, if that's so, then why doesn't signing in with the bloody YahooID take me to my account page? Why does it, EVERY TIME, ask me to migrate and then tell me I've already done it?

So I wrote to customer service. Explained the problem. Told them I had a Yahoo ID and had migrated, but the Yahoo ID wasn't taking me to my account. Know what they said?

We understand that sometimes change is hard, but the opportunity of
Yahoo taking in our little MyBlogLog community into its family sounded
too good to pass up!

If you need help signing up with Yahoo, please visit the following link: (link redacted)
Um, did you actually read my email or did some robo-script read a key word and send out an automated POS answer? I don't need help signing up with Yahoo. I need MyBlogLog's people to actually look at the account, figure out what's the problem and fix it.

Of course, a merger with Microsoft will solve all those problems, huh? Yeah. Vista, anyone?

I think I'll go bead something to calm down.


Cookie said...


I hope you can find someone to help you, honey.

Ya know, that's the future of LJ, too, since the Russians bought out 6A, who bought out Brad. /sigh

Dawno said...

I was going back thru my emails with them the other day - I found correspondence back and forth between me and Eric Marcoullier, one of the founders of the service. My concern was dealt with immediately and until Yahoo bought them, I had no other issues. Ah, the joys of dealing with small, start ups who actually care about their customers.

Odile S said...

Small is better example...
Somehow I don't picture you as someone who becomes quickly irritated.