Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Cake and the Kitty

Ever get really frustrated? Then you know how this poor kitty feels

One of the grandkitties, Jello, does that on the door to my office (which I keep closed most of the time). She seems to go on forever when I don't open it for her, of course it probably seems that way to me since I'm usually trying to work and getting annoyed at the scratching.

I posted again on my beading blog - if you know beads and can help me find a particular kind of bead that I desperately need to finish something I started, please go visit my new blog: Dawno's Beaded Badge Lanyards and Jewelry

My son called me this morning and he's all safely re-located at his new base. No more internet in the room, though, so we won't be able to IM chat for sometime. I really appreciated that he'd IM me often so I'd know he was ok, especially when I knew he was going on a mission and hadn't heard from him in a while. I was lucky, so many (most, probably) families of soldiers don't hear from their loved ones so much.

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AstonWest said...

Glad to see you back, and glad to hear all is going well in life.