Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beading, NCIS Flashback Drinking Game, and That Betamax Feeling

I got so busy with beading and posting on my new beading blog that I didn't get around to updating here. I'm trying to establish some foundational tools for marketing my designs and one of them is a blog. Eventually I move to my own website, but I don't have the time to learn all I need to know right now to set it up. I also need to get my business paperwork finalized - licenses, tax ID, that kind of stuff. I'm planning to set up an appointment with my accountant to see how much he can help or at least advise me about.

I'd love to do some crafts shows/fairs, so one of my next projects is going to be building the displays I'll need. I like the idea of using a picture frame with a padded insert - I've seen those at our local Art & Wine festival and like them best. I just have to figure out the right way to construct them. I also wonder just how large an inventory I'll need and what kind of variety. I'm in for some extensive research.

The spouse and I have been watching NCIS on dvd, trying to get up to date so we can start watching the current shows. I'm enjoying it. We have decided that we should do a drinking game - every time Harmon has a flashback to Paris we have to take a drink. There was a time a few discs back where it seemed he was having these fuzzy jumpy flashbacks every two minutes. Thank goodness they're fewer and further between now.

Speaking of dvds, I bought a new player for the spouse for Christmas from Amazon. A HD dvd player. Of course we all know what happened - BluRay is the standard and you can't get HD dvds anymore. Now I know how people who bought Betamax felt. Amazon sent me an email the other day with a certificate code for $50 on Amazon products. My dad just called me and said that I just *must* read the new Jeffery Deaver book, The Blue Nowhere, so I'll put that in my cart soon. There are a couple other books I'm wanting to read, so that $50 won't last long.

Well, I have a 6 am conference call tomorrow - gotta get to bed.

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