Sunday, January 28, 2007

Stumble!-ed On These Today

StumbleUpon is another way to w/a/s/t/e/ t/i/m/e/...uh, websurf. I added the Stumble! button to my browser tool bar, indicated some preferences at the StumbleUpon site and off I went into the internet. You can also tag sites, vote for favorites, share links, and acumulate Stumble friends. I just use it to wander aimlessly around the web. These are some of the sites I discovered in today's wandering and thought were worth sharing:

A game for word origins trivia fans I did pretty well - missed two out of the 10 or 11 questions.
An audio-visual tour of the three realms of the afterlife per Dante
a geo-politcal 404 error
MP3s of classical literature and philosophy
(I'd like to be able to download some of these to my iPod so I can listen to them away from my computer...)
How to keep an idiot busy (yeah, I'm an idiot)
Mousepad Couch (I'm left wondering if they purchased all of those mousepads - there must be hundreds - maybe a thousand?)
and a blast from the past: Mr. Picassohead
I once created an AV using that site:

Also, visited the other day and I'm still reading, via Making Light's Particles (wherein James D Macdonald is thanked for the link), Supernatural Law

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