Monday, January 29, 2007

My Wastebin Overfloweth

Before you read on - read this post by my favorite fisherman

There's a box and a half of Kleenex (anti-viral version) in the wastebin next to my desk. I really hate having a drippy nose. And I'm a vision of lovelyness sitting here at the computer with a Kleenex stuffed up one nostril. Hey, whatever works, right? I don't want to get the keyboard slimey.

I still can only breathe through my nose sporadically and usually only one nostril at a time is clear. Why is that? What is it about the nose that only one nostril clears up and the other one stays clogged? And I won't go into detail about the condition of the skin around my nostrils, I know there's only so much TMI people can stand. Suffice it to say there's no makeup out there that will make it look normal.

Absolutely nothing I've taken for this cold has worked, either. Although, an ounce or two of Irish Mist is just, generally, a good thing whether one has a cold or not. Even with the help of Irish Mist I couldn't sleep through the night last night. I was up at the computer at 1 a.m. and tossed and turned the rest of the time. If I didn't have an 8 a.m. meeting to attend (thankfully it was a conference call) I would have stayed in bed all morning.

After that meeting I ended up taking off most of the day and finally did get some sleep. A nice long hot shower helped a bit.

The cats loved that I was staying in bed so long, except when I sneezed. They'd be all curled up beside (or on) me and then I'd let loose with a sneeze trailing a sonic boom behind it. Suddenly I was all alone on the bed, bleeding from the gashes one gets when one's limbs are used for cat sprinting starting blocks. Then they'd cautiously wander back in. One of them, the long hair we call Pudding, likes to climb right up to my chin and poke his nose at me to get some quality scratching time. If I make the mistake of acutally succumbing and petting him he does it over and over everytime my hands get tired and I stop. Sneezing on him will get him to stop, temporarily. He has a very short memory. I'll sneeze, he'll run away, I'll doze off and be awakened by a cold nose. I may close the door on them tonight - it looks like I have half a chance at a decent nights sleep (i.e., one nostril is unplugged right now and I hope it stays that way long enough).

Of course, being the loving and generous wife that I am, I have freely given the cold to the hubby. He started to feel it coming on this evening. Tomorrow should be miserable for him if it follows the same course mine did.

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q said...

Dawno, you need some Vitamin C (ish) with that Irish Mist. It tastes wonderful when mixed with the orange flavour of Grand Marnier. I expect someone will be along soon to confirm...

Frank Baron said...

q's right Dawno. Partly. You need to be taking a daily dose of a garlic tablet and 500 mgs of C. That's for prevention. Take it twice on a day when you feel the first tickle starting.

"But My Favourite Fisherman!" you wail, "it's too late. I am well and truly in this cold's clutches."

You still might ameliorate the symptoms by double-dosing AND doing the Misty Marnier thing. (Orange brandy works just as well and is much cheaper than GM.)

It may not be too late for your hubby. If he double doses C and garlic he might stave this cold off.

By the way, the only "real" medicine I ever take is the nasal spray stuff if both nostrils are plugged and then only at bedtime. I've found that being able to breathe is helpful if one wishes to sleep.

Hope you feel better soon kiddo. :)

PS- Cats are Satan's spawn and try to steal your soul by sucking it out of your breath as you sleep.

Dawno said...

Thank you for the advice q and Frank.
Re: Cats stealing your breath. This is a base canard that comes from a misunderstanding of an ancient florist practice of sending out cats to steal competitor's "baby's breath" flowers in hopes of ruining their bridal bouquet business.