Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Menageries of the Mind

There are many productive things one could do with one's free time. Wash the dishes, pay the bills, get the taxes done, write/paint/crochet/whittle something.

There are also those busywork things one could do, such as organize the CD collection (alphabetically by artist or title?), re-arrange the furniture, clean out the junk drawer. I could spend half a day just cleaning out and arranging all the makeup and toiletries I have collected and then stashed away in drawers and in boxes under the sink.

Then there are the silly things. For example, this person has created an interesting menagerie - from stockings and other things one can find around the home (apparently this person was into sports - I'm still trying to figure out what I'd use for elephant ears since I don't have any tennis racquet covers around here). Best I ever did along those lines was put cellophane tape over my nose and make it look snoutish.

Ever draw two eyes on the side of your hand just above your thumb (and maybe some lips) and create a little hand puppet right on your hand? Some of you are probably old enough to remember Senor Wences...anyway someone has taken this to a new height and created some lovely "Hand Painting Art" I love the giraffe and the painstaking detail on the alligator!

Well, that's what I've been doing this evening - web surfing and sniffling (yeah, the cold is still with me but I'm getting better. Just really lethargic.) I leave you with The Daily Kitten



Serge said...

Hunter's brother is named Ralph?

Meanwhile, it's now that time of the year where I have to add up all of my wife's writing expenses. I can think of more interesting things to do.

Dawno said...

Serge, perhaps it is my rhinovirus muddled mind, but could you elaborate on the comment "Hunter's brother is named Ralph?" I can't seem to figure out from whence it came...

Serge said...

I followed your link to the Daily Kitten. That's where I saw that. Sorry for the confusion.

Dawno said...

No apologies necessary! I knew there was a connection - I just hadn't seen today's Daily Kitten! It's so nice to have you visit, Serge. Thanks!

Serge said...

No need to thank me for dropping by. I notice that there has been increased activity on your site these last few days. Catching a cold would have the opposite effect on me.