Monday, November 13, 2006

Only 41 Days Until Christmas

This post has nothing to do with Christmas. Certainly not with the shopping I want to get done early nor where I plan to spend it. But I really do need to start thinking about it soon. When, I wonder, will I feel that edge of panic setting in? Last year I was still shopping pretty much up to Christmas Eve. At least I got my cards out early!

The NaNoWriMo word count widgit was still wonky so I took it off. I'm at 25037 so I've passed the half way point two days ahead of the official schedule. I talk more about it on Drive By Booking so I won't go into details here.

This weekend I spent with my daughter. We had a wonderful time. She's got a sweetheart of a house and her performance in Grease was fantastic. I hope she gets me some pictures soon.

Not much going on of much interest in my life. IILAA is still a brown stain. AW's new server is at its new home. I'm not sure when they'll switch over but we're all pretty excited about it - we're hoping it will solve the page not found and other glitches we keep having to have our own server.

I'm pretty brain drained from writing so forgive the short update. Thanks for stopping by!


Thumper said...

Oh man, I am so far behind on NaNo... I think I'm only at about 12,000 words. I either need to give up, or start doing speed.

I'm no quitter! ;)

I can never get into AW, not for months now....hopefully when the new server goes online it will let me back.

Dawno said...

Yay for not quitting! I *know* you can catch up.

As for getting into AW, I will ping you with some advice that might help - other folk had some issues last time we switched servers, I might know what you need to do...will go look.