Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Thing #9

Saw this today, laughed a bit self-consciously, and as a prologue to my post, I thought I'd share it (post continues below embed):

Yes, I am on Twitter. I Tweet, Re-Tweet, follow and am followed. No Twibes yet, but I know what my Twitalizer scores are (need a glossary - start here with a fun post about Twitterspeak: 66 Twitter Terms You Don't Need to Know).

I have a #BlameDawno hashtag. I signed up for Twiggit, have TwitThis (no jokes about who's the twit, ok?) on my browser toolbar, and use to post statuses on Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. I use to track people clicking on the links I Tweet.

If you are a psychologist or psychoanalyst, please don't comment, or send me an urgent email with your phone number for an appointment. I know I'm sick.

I'm on way too many social network sites. Ones I'm pretty much never on include MySpace, LinkedIn, MyBlogLog...haven't been to CoComment in ages, is it still up? I was enticed to join Vox and Discus, but haven't used them. I've Dugg some stuff (and that's what I got Twiggit for). I believe there are dozens of other sites I've signed up for out there, long forgotten, as well.

I just added my beading blog to Technorati, so I'm visiting there again after a long hiatus. I've also registered at a number of forums but only frequent one, (Absolute Write) and I haven't been there that regularly lately, even after a 3 month furlough.

I follow over 100 blogs on my Google Reader, on top of that, although I admit that I don't read every one - sometimes I peek at the first few lines on the feed, othertimes I skip over them. Never miss opening up my daily webcomics though.

So, my obviously serious internet addiction is hereby offered as today's Random Thing. Thank you for reading. Now let's all go to this place called "outside" and look at that bright thing shining up there in the "sky" - they tell me it's "the Sun" and the "light" it emits is good for you - except for "ultraviolet" and you should wear your "sunscreen" when you go "outside".


KimberlyRies said...

That's pretty funny! I am right there with you on many of those sites. I guess we are addicted!

Dawno said...

It's one of those addictions that I'm not anxious to recover from, however :-)