Monday, December 29, 2008

Enjoying My Holidays - Hope You are Too!

It's great having both the children home for Christmas time. Well, in the case of my son, he's in the general geographic area for the holidays, staying at his girfriend's family's home. Since I took over his bedroom for my office/workroom he's got nowhere to sleep here, so I'm very grateful they're putting him up.

I've managed to come down with a miserable cold, though. Not to sleeping too well at night for the past few days, meaning that I've been getting up for the day between 11 and 1 for the past few days. Since it gets dark at 5 PM, I'm missing out on a lot of daylight.

The other night the kids, husband, son's girlfriend and I went to my son's favorite sushi restaurant for dinner and his girlfriend got a great picture of us, which I shall share here.

The only thing I dislike about the shot is that I forgot to push my open purse behind me.

I've got the rest of this week off, so I hope I'm feeling better soon so I can get some stuff done this week that I've put off for way too long. Until I do, I'll continue reading through my Christmas gifts - my husband bought me my entire Amazon wish list and I've read two of them so far, The Sunrise Lands and Scourge of God by S. M. Stirling. He also got me a polishing tumbler and a 19" flatscreen, hi-def, TV/monitor for my office/crafts room that I mentioned wanting in passing some time ago.

My son gave me a very generous gift card for Artbeads, I'm trying to decide if there's anything I really want right away or if I'll save it for later, and my daughter gave me a beautiful Waterford picture frame, an adorable, hand crafted, pocket sized tissue package holder that she stitched and appliqued, and some watch parts for crafting - little gears and hands and springs, great for embellishing and (perhaps this year I'll learn) embedding in resin for charms or pendants.

I have spent a good amount of time working on jewelry - I've constructed several new pieces, which you can see at my beading blog if you'd like a peek. A couple of the books my husband got for me are about jewelry design and have given me lots of ideas for new things to try in the coming year. I've already gone from fairly simple stringing to creating necklaces using wire loops and hand crafted wire components, I've gotten confident enough to begin making things with more expensive sterling and gold filled wire as well. The next step is to try and create my own beads and other personalized embellishments to make my designs unique. One of the mediums I plan to learn to work with next year is polyclay - I've seen so many wonderful beads and pendants other craftspeople have made using polyclay, I can't wait to try it myself.

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