Monday, November 12, 2007

LOL Cubicle?

These didn’t really happen. They’re a complete work of fiction inspired by the LOLCat phenomenon…mostly…maybe…

  • I’m in your cube reprogramming your speed-dial/removing your call-forward/stealing your headset/breaking the “kick-stand” in back so you have to either wall-mount or replace your phone
  • I’m in your cube “borrowing”/changing the height settings/spilling some unidentifiable and smelly liquid on your chair
  • I’m in your cube taking your trash-can and putting my broken one in its place
  • I’m in your cube “borrowing” your cute pens and multi colored (the company only provides yellow ones) post-it’s
  • I’m in your cube after hours calling my boyfriend in [some foreign country] and talking with him for several hours
  • I’m in your cube sneezing on your monitor and smearing the saliva around with my hand
  • I’m in your cube using your printer and forgetting the last page of the printout of my second mortgage application paperwork with a lot of personal information on it
  • I’m in your cube doodling on the work surface with your black Sharpie pen
  • I’m in your cube “borrowing” the markers and eraser from your dry-erase board, since you have colors I can't find in the supply cabinet
Anyone else have a contribution?

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