Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Highly Embellished Christmas Sweater Time Again!

Yep, soon it will be December, and I'll be bringing my Christmas sweaters out. I just got a new one from eBay (new to me, in good shape though). I've looked around online and there's a real dearth of Christmas sweaters out there that live up to my standards. To wit:

  1. Lots of detail, eye-watering detail, medieval tapestry detail
  2. Gold or silver thread - the thing needs to glow with metallic thread-y goodness
  3. Beads and sequins are good things
  4. Colors should be rich and bright, not necessarily complementary, either
  5. Textures are important, I'm not crazy about anything printed, it should be appliqu├ęd or embroidered on to the sweater
  6. Buttons, I want a cardigan style, not pullover, and the buttons should be part of the composition of the overall design
  7. Sleeves. I'm seeing some nice vests, but I don't want a vest, I want a sweater.
One of our local stations started broadcasting all Christmas music Friday afternoon at 3 Pacific. Pretty soon they'll be starting in August. 'Tis the season, indeed. Now if the temperature would just fall a bit so I don't end up feeling like I'm in a sauna when I wear my sweaters...


Cookie said...

I can't believe it's sweater season again.

Serge said...

The mall I most often go to has started playing Christmas music. I'd take that as a Sign that I can start setting up the Christmas Tree tonight, except that my wife would object. I guess I'll have to wait until Turkey Day.

Dawno said...

Hiya again Cookie! It's nearly the season for my Christmas sweaters, but it's still too warm in the middle of the day for me to wear my usual sweaters to work. I'm hoping for some cooler weather in December.

Hey Serge - good to see you visiting, too. I think our Christmas stuff will go up the weekend after this (Dec 1) since I'll be busy with my daughter's visit.

Thanks again for the encouragement re: ML - you may have noticed me posting more. :-)