Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wherein Dawno May Be Thought of as a Whiner

Ever see something somewhere in the blogosphere and initially want to make a comment about it, but then decide "Nobody cares what I have to say, and certainly someone around here is going to say it better, so why bother?"

I have that experience quite often at two particular, very popular, blogs I read daily (and sometimes follow all day long when the conversations get really good).

In fact it just happened, and that's why I'm writing this. I start to compose a comment and then get all self-conscious and delete it. I just can't get over that the regular commenters at those particular places are all so incredibly smart about the topics being discussed, to say nothing about just being incredibly smart people, and I'm not.

I know, it sounds whiny and self-absorbed. Well, "It's my blog and I'll whine if I want to, whine if I want to...."

And I'm not posting this to get scolded or sympathy (feel free to comment that way if you want to). I'm actually interested in knowing if that's anyone else's experience and what you do about it. Do you just tighten up the bootlaces and march on in? I've done that on occasion, but mostly I remain a lurker - I just don't have anything of real substance I can contribute.


Erudite Redneck said...

Lordy! The safeswt place in the world to express an opinion -- or show one's butt -- is on a blog!

Come. On. In. The. Water's. Fine.


Cookie said...

You can't become a regular if you never comment, sweetie. I avoid the big deal blogs for the most part. Some of the impressive ones I do comment in and have become a regular over time.

If you have something to say, I think you should. As you know, writers like feedback. Even if you are agreeing with others. And I happen to think you are smart. So there!

Cookie said...


No matter what the drama whores say, you can talk about anything in your blog because it is your blog. If you don't blog about it, how will we know what's going on? It's like you e-mail me updates or anything.


Dawno said...

Erudite, you're undoubtedly right - I expect what I need to do today is just get over myself. :-)

Cookie, I know of what you speak and it's true. Sometimes, though, I feel like I've wandered into a MENSA meeting over at those blogs and, while I am a pretty sharp gal, it's still outta my league.

Note to self: I have "opt in" from Cookie! bwahahahah - begin spam campaign!

Cookie said...

It's not like you e-mail me updates.

I think I'm getting old. /sigh

Frank Baron said...

I can understand your reticence and share it occasionally but only if I'm not certain I can add to the discussion.

I don't second-guess myself too often though. If I think it, I usually post it. ;)

Hilary said...

I'd like to comment on your post.. really I would... but.. you know...

J M McDermott said...

of course someone else is going to say it better, eventually.

But, will they say it first?

Will they include pictures of shaved cats?

I think not!

J M McDermott said...

Also, in response to "writer's love feedback"...

Musicians hate feedback. So do priests and television hosts, and anyone who has ever had to try to get coffee from a drive-through window.

Writers may be the only creatures on earth that love feedback.

Except me. I hate feedback. All I want is your whiskey, your oreos, and your unspoken adoration.

Dawno said...

Hi Hilary! And yes...I know...Oh, are you the same Hilary who signed my special certificate? I love it - it's getting a frame and going up in my office.

J M Mc - true - not any shaved cat pictures on those blogs. One of them posts pictures of their cat now and then, but never shaved that I've seen.

I should whine more often. This is as many comments as I've gotten in quite some time.

Cookie said...


There are oreos?

/looks around

[This is what happens when you start to encourage people to comment, ya know.]

Dawno said...

JM has me confused with someone who has Oreos. You know my cookie of choice is the frosted sugar cookie. Which I forced myself not to buy at the store since I'm trying to watch my weight.

I do have whiskey - Tillamore Dew, and unspoken adoration...although not necessarily for him, hubby would complain. About the adoration. He doesn't like the whiskey, so that's up for grabs.

I guess one out of three ain't too bad.

Dawno said...

dang - frosted sugar cookie aka Lard Cookie! My daughter may never forgive me for that lapse.

Cookie said...

Maybe if you send her some lard cookies as an apology. ;^)