Friday, July 06, 2007

The Lobster Purse and Other Things

The Lobster purse, suggested as tonight's blog topic by Cookie, has a history here on Dawno's blog. I first wrote about it in March of '06. A furry off-white lobster was discovered and I noted that someone had already created a plush toy of it. A Live Journal friend of mine named Cookie was hoping for a knitting pattern and I suggested it would make a cool purse. I never did get around to making it although I've said a couple of times that I might give it a try. Who knows, maybe after I finish the crochet scarf I was going to make for my daughter two Christmases ago, I'll embark on a 5 year mission to make the purse.

So as not to have another dinky post like yesterday's, I'm going to share some links that were sent to me today.

Technicolor Duck Isn't that a beautiful picture of a Mandarin duck? It would make a great subject for an appliqué on a green silk vest, I think. No, I'm not going to even attempt it. Don't suggest I even try. I wouldn't turn it down as a Christmas gift...size 10, long (I'm 5'7" and like the way long vests look)

Then there was this link. My corpse is worth $3950. Thankfully, my insurance will provide my heirs with a lot more than that, so they can afford a decent wake for me.

You might already know that I don't post much that's political here, but this link was sent along today and as I'd been reading some recent comments threads, with a number of folk expressing a very similar opinion over in Making Light, it seemed serendipitous.

When I got home today, I opened my office door and out leapt one of the grandkitties, Pudding. He'd been trapped in there since about 9:30 when I left for the office. He raced to the food bowl, poor dear. I am now certain I'll find something he peed on. I hope it wasn't one of my Buffy comics. This is Pudding in a typical pose. We call it "the bug" for some reason. Ok, I call it the bug and my husband kindly tolerates this, amongst other oddities of mine.

I mention this only as a very weak seque to this link of a comic I also received today about the one person's perception of the difference between cats and dogs.

How does my blog come up in a search for the answer to "why does only one nostril get block"? Nevermind, I don't want to know.

Tired of LOLCats yet? Don't click on that link.

Stumble took me to this fascinating view of the Imperial History of the Middle East. "5000 years in 90 seconds".

Lastly, I spent quite a bit of time on the National Geographic Genographic study site. The Interactive Atlas of the Human Journey is simply wonderful - if you only click one link here, click that one.

Ah, it looks like the first few episodes of Babylon 5 Season 2 have finally finshed downloading - bye!


Anonymous said...

Good article Dawno. :) Enjoy your show. 'Babylon 5' has to be one of the better SF shows out there.


Cookie said...

Sweetie, he's weird, too. So it all balances out. ;^)

Pudding is in the Otter Position. See the little otter paws? Yes, we're weird over here, too. :p

And I still think it would make a great bag for you. I'd offer to make it for you, but I only seem to knit socks lately.