Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm Gonna Be Travelling Soon!

Nobody can say that I didn't give fair warning - I'm going to be in North Carolina in the not to distant future!

I'm going there to touch base with folk in my company that I haven't seen face to face in over a year and to participate in a couple training sessions. I hope it's Spring there - I'm really tired of the cold dreary days here!

The weather here has been very cruel to me this week. Two days this week the morning started out all sunny and blue skies then by the time I went home it was raining and grey. The only good thing is that I've seen two male mallards and a female mallard walking around the place these last few days talking little muttering duckie talk and waddling around looking for goodies to eat. (I love duckies.) At least they enjoy this weather.

Speaking of weather our dear friend and protector of the Battle Birds, Anne lives in an area that is under threat of severe weather at least and possibly tornadoes - the same storm which has wreaked havoc in Tennesee. Please, if you're a prayerful type say a prayer - otherwise whatever you feel is helpful - send out those vibes. Some of my friends would say "Mojo" and I'm sending tons of it her way.

On a completely different topic I thought I had paid off one of my bills - a charge to Pier One for a couple of Papa San chairs and chair pads for my son and his g/f's new apartment. I got a bill from them the other day and I was perplexed. I opened it and there was the balance due - two cents. I couldn't believe it. Oh, I'll pay them their two cents - I've heard horror stories about this kind of thing. I will do it electronically (if my bank's system allows it) and save a 39 cent stamp and the cost of a check. But you'd think they'd just waive the damn two cent charges.

OK, more tomorrow - I captured some links on BlogIt! and saved them in draft for later.


D.T. Kelly said...

Have a safe trip. If you were coming more northerly, I would've offered to buy you a cup of coffee.

Thumper said...

The weather is driving me nuts. I need a good solid week of sun and temps in the 70s or I'm gonna lose it!

And 2 cents? LOL I'm sorry, but that's just funny. It'll be even funnier if you wind up having to write a check and mail it in...especially since they paid more than 2 cents to bill you.

Dawno said...

Thanks Dan - I wish I could just travel all around the East and meet with bunches of AWers. Darn lotto numbers just never come up.

Thumper, don't let the nice weekend lull you into a false sense of hope - more rain on the way.

My online bill pay with Citibank requires I make a payment of at least a dollar. I'm gonna make it and then they'll have to cut me a check for $0.98 refund. HA!!!!

Mark Pettus said...

Be careful, and bring a sweater, it still gets cool at night sometimes.

Just my .02 cents worth. You don't have to pay me. :)

Dawno said...

Sweater? I'll be bringing my Arctic survival gear. As far as I'm concerned anything below 75 degrees is seriously chilly.

Thanks for the advice, anyway, Mark. ;-)

Anne C. Watkins said...

Dawno! How very sweet of you to think of us when the weather was so awful. Great big hugs to you! :) :)

Wish you could swing down Alabama-way on your trip. I'd take ya out to lunch--and introduce you to the Battle Birds!

Dawno said...

Anne, I have always wanted to visit the "real" South - to me that's Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana. Some day I'll be taking you up on your comment! Just gotta figure out how to get the company to pay for it. :-)