Sunday, April 16, 2006


Yes, it's still raining. Pretty soon the ducks will be the only creatures capable of living happily around here. This female mallard visited the back porch at our home today - I kept her interested with a heel of bread while the SO grabbed the camera. The block of feathers that looks like a black stripe was actually the most lovely shade of dark purple. The dots on her that look like dandruff are water droplets that beaded on her feathers.

The Boy and his g/f came over with some flowers for me for Easter. The SO wanted to know where his Easter Grandkitties were. I admit, it would be nice to have them around again for awhile.

I'm back on my iPod kick again today - I have about two days worth of stuff on it now with room for plenty more - so I'm importing even more of my CD's. Today I downloaded Live Transmission From Uranus by Man or Astro-man? which just happens to have the "MST3K Love Theme". Also, today I downloadedThe Mommas and the Papas Greatest Hits. I've still got a few more gift tunes to send, eventually I'll get them all out.

The SO forwarded me this link earlier today - it's well worth watching - but if you're on dial up it might be a bit hard on the bandwidth. MS Ipod Parody - Google Video

The duckie is back - and quacking loudly as if demanding more bread. I don't think it's good for them to have too much so I'm ignoring her. Yoghurt, however, is watching very intently out the back sliding glass door.

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Frank Baron said...

Mmmmmmm...ducky...mmmmmmm...slow-roasted at all crackly and crisp...all dark meat too...mmmmm.....

AstonWest said...

Does Yoghurt have his/her tail whipping back and forth at high-speed? That's what ours do whenever there's a bird out in the yard they see...ready to pounce, with only a window holding them back.

Dawno said...

He does that too, but I think the duck freaked him out - he puffed up a bit and just watched it. The duck was quite a loud quacker and Yoghurt is a wimp.